GWFC’s goal is to support club, district, state, and national leadership efforts with ideas, resources, and tools to assist all members in developing their leadership skills. Bottom-up or top-down, leadership involves taking risks, being innovative, and promoting new directions. While some may talk about being born leaders, most of us have to learn it, which is why as an organization, we promote and encourage leadership activities and development. The Leadership Advancement Plan is available in the Club Manual on the Member Portal.

“Who you are comes before what you do. Leadership is being before doing.” — John Maxwell

Leadership Development is Personal Development

  • Develop Presentation Skills
  • Use Effective Time Management
  • Learn How to Provide and Receive Feedback
  • Learn the Art of Delegation
  • Set the Tone and Create a Healthy Club culture
  • Identify and Develop New Leaders
  • Develop a Succession Plan

Project Ideas

  • Rookie of the Year – Establish a Rookie of the Year award. The Rookie can receive a plaque, certificate or a sash. Rookie of the Year graduates go on to serve as chairs and officers.
  • Set an example or use more direct influence skills to get people on board. Setting the example is probably the most important leadership skill. It is the most effective way to show others the proper way to conduct themselves and is even more effective than verbal communication.
  • Encourage communication and GFWC pride via subscriptions to GFWC Clubwoman, GFWC’s Newsletter News and Notes, and other GFWC publications. Every GFWC-NC member receives the North Carolina Clubwoman magazine.
  • Establish and maintain a file of club members’ talents, skills, and interests as a leadership resume tool. Most volunteers are asked to volunteer, and everyone likes to be recognized for the skills and experiences that they bring to the club
  • Encourage and promote participation in the GFWC-NC LEADS program.

The GFWC Leadership, Education, and Development Seminar identifies GFWC members at the local level who have the potential and desire to assume leadership positions in their State Federations and/or GFWC on the national level. Participation in GFWC LEADS can help up-and-coming leaders gain the capabilities, confidence, and commitment necessary to pursue and achieve higher offices and serve with distinction.