GFWC initiated the Leadership Education and Development Seminar (LEADS), for the purpose of finding, training , and encouraging clubwomen from the grassroots level to step up, pursue, and accept leadership opportunities at all levels of Federation. It will be held on the day before the official opening of the GFWC Annual International Convention.

GFWC-NC modeled a similar program for the districts. Each District may sponsor one member to represent them annually at LEADS. Candidates will attend a weekend GFWC-NC LEADS session in January. Attendees will receive complimentary dinner, one-half night’s accommodations at the designated hotel and lunch. District LEADS candidates will be given the opportunity to learn about GFWC, GFWC-NC, as well as receive special training to share with her District.

From the GFWC-NC group, one person will be chosen to represent North Carolina as the LEADS candidate at the GFWC Annual Convention. Applications are available in the GFWC-NC Administration Book or from your District Vice President.