GFWC Federation Benefits

GFWC opens the door to volunteer service and action that benefits home, community, state, nation and the world. Each club has access to free program and project ideas, complete with resources and action plans waiting to be implemented in your community. There is also the added professional assistance from Federation staff who serve as a resource for questions.

GFWC offers diversified areas of interests through civic, cultural, educational programs, and community development and awareness of our responsibility for a better world. Contribution hours and monies are added from across the nation and these figures are used to approach major corporations for funding for programs of the Federation, and in some cases even cash awards. For over 100 years both nationally and in North Carolina, club women have been making their communities and the world a better place through knowledge gained and supplied by the Federation.

GFWC affords opportunities for stimulation and growth; meetings, conventions, etc., are offered where top speakers and educators are gathered to stimulate enthusiasm, educate listeners and inspire members of all ages. National, regional, state and district meetings offer the network through which the local clubs can access information and learn more from speakers and workshops. GFWC is a name that generates respect and recognition, and affiliation can afford clubs access to locations, resources, and speakers that might otherwise not be available.

GFWC feeds the freedom, for personal development and to be yourself as you explore the avenues of departmental interest. Through the programs of the various departments, members can change and refocus their area of interest every year or as the needs of the community dictate. They are kept up to date on national trends and international areas of need.

GFWC trains leadership. Officers share knowledge and experience with other members. Self-confidence is promoted through the experience of working on community, district, state and national levels. This is often transferred to job resumes. Through the leadership development at the various levels of Federation work, members can participate in leadership development workshops and seminars and put these newfound skills into action. They can learn from the experiences of other Federation members and often are pegged for other civic and community leadership roles because of the knowledge gained through their Federation experiences.

GFWC offers broader contacts and viewpoints with fact sheets, materials, and suggestions for sources of information, secured from GFWC. As part of the North Carolina dues, each club woman gets four issues of the North Carolina CLUBWOMAN Magazine, and each club gets free six issues a year of the national GFWC Club woman. These relay the latest techniques in fundraising, membership, leadership and much more. Web sites with resource information, contacts and highlighted dates of importance are maintained.

GFWC helps to mold public opinion. The resolutions and policies adopted by Federation reflect the majority action and thinking of its great membership. The combined force of over millions of members working for a common cause demonstrates that in union there is strength. Legislative updates and alerts are networked to clubs in a timely manner from our Federation representative on the hill and a wonderful resource for issues of national and international importance, the GFWC Public Policy Manual, is available. Through support of the Federation Resolutions changes in hundreds of areas over the Federation’s esteemed history have been and continue to be affected.

GFWC provides a network of support and encouragement from women with mutual interests and concerns worldwide. At every level of Federation service there is a fellowship that exist that fosters a family like atmosphere and support system that can last a lifetime. A membership transfer program is in place that allows for a member to move into a new community and have an instant foundation for fellowship and friendship.

GFWC promotes friendship and understanding. Women from all parts of the United States and 20 countries of the world experience fellowship. Membership affords the opportunity to network and gather ideas from other parts of the country and world, as well as to explore other cultures. A member and their club gain the support and clout of affiliation. Able to learn from the experiences of others, we do not have to reinvent the wheel with every undertaking.

GFWC evokes pride in our country and accomplishments of our organization, which have worldwide effects. In many instances members participate in reaffirming activities, like the pledge to the flag, that are no longer everyday occurrences. In working together for common goals, a sisterhood is felt that binds the membership. Often, in times of crisis within an area of the state, the country or the world, this kinship unites members in efforts of assistance that literally can make a world of difference.

Through GFWC and GFWC-NC membership the opportunities are endless, but each member and each club must take advantage of them to enjoy the benefits.