ESO (or Epsilon Sigma Omicron) is an honorary educational society that is federation-supported and open to all GFWC club members. The North Carolina Alpha Eta Chapter of ESO was begun in 1961. To become a member, you simply read!  ESO is one of the benefits of belonging to a GFWC federated club.

The motto of ESO is “Enlighten Your Own Pathway”. Its purpose is to provide club women with a structured reading program to promote educational pursuits and stimulate a desire for self-improvement. ESO can take the form of a reading group or an individual’s personal reading pursuit. It has helped many members learn to read out of their comfort zone and explore new authors and new genres.  We all have our favorite genres… and our not so favorite genres. Maybe you love the classics, but you’re not so into robots and aliens. Or you love sci-fi, but you can’t make it through Dickens without nodding off. That’s why we need book clubs: to make us read those books that we never would have picked up on our own. You might discover that you really love The Hobbit, even though it lacks spaceships. Or you might be totally into Eragon, even though it is about dragon riders.

2024-2026 GFWC-NC ESO Chairman: Lynn Wiss

How Do I Join ESO?

Interested GFWC-NC members, log in to the member portal for more information and contact GFWC-NC ESO Chairman Lynn Wiss.