Annual Member Awards and Honors

GFWC-NC recognizes clubwomen for their years of service and with Individual Awards and Honorary Life Memberships.

We recognize our members and their accomplishments at 15 years, 25 years, and every five years thereafter at the annual convention. We also celebrate club anniversaries as follows: 25, 50, 60, 70, & every 5 years after. Complete the Club and Member Anniversary form. Please send it along with a picture or two so we can highlight these special milestones at the Convention and on social media. The forms are due by April 1st each year.

GFWC-NC Annual Individual Clubwoman Awards

Entries for individual awards are submitted directly to GFWC-NC. Guidelines can be found on each respective Award Entry Form. These award nominations are due by March 1st.

General Clubwoman of the Year Award (Minnie Lou Parker Creech Award) for General Clubwomen – GFWC-NC Karen Throckmorton GFWC-NC President is the 2022-2024 Chairman
Clubwoman with Heart Award (Julene McPhaul Award) for General Clubwomen – GFWC-NC Executive Committee 2nd Vice President Misty Deyo is the 2022-2024 Chairman
Outstanding Citizenship and Patriotism Award (Juanita Bryant Citizenship Award) for General and Junior members – GFWC-NC Secretary Sandy Cyphers is the 2022-2024 Chairman
Junior Clubwoman of the Year Award (Linda G. White Award) for Junior Clubwomen – GFWC-NC Director-elect of Junior Clubs Rebecca Duffy is the 2022-2024 Chairman
Junior Magic Award (Kim Pfeil Pearce Award) for Junior Clubwomen – GFWC-NC Junior Board Junior Secretary Nicole Fleming is the 2022-2024 Chairman

Log in to the member portal for more information and access to the award entry forms.

Honorary Life Membership

A GFWC of North Carolina Honorary Life Membership (HLM) is awarded to members in recognition of their service to GFWC-NC. Presented at the annual GFWC-NC Convention, this honor may be bestowed up- on a member by clubs, districts and/or individuals that donate a one-time fee to establish the HLM. The funds received to honor these clubwomen are placed in the GFWC-NC Legacy Fund to help sustain GFWC-NC services to the clubs in North Carolina. Nominations and funds are due April 1st: Honorary Life Membership Application