Clubwomen Recognitions

GFWC-NC Individual Clubwoman Awards

Each year, GFWC-NC recognizes several special clubwomen at the Annual Convention. If your club is interested in nominating a club member for consideration, please use the following forms. Additional information about each award can be found on the forms and in the Administration Book.

General Clubwomen:

Clubwoman of the Year (judged at District level, District winner advances to State competition)

Clubwoman with Heart (award entries are sent directly to the GFWC-NC President-elect)

Junior Clubwomen:

Outstanding Junior Clubwoman (judged at District level, District winner advances to State competition)

Junior Magic Award (award entries are sent directly to the GFWC-NC Director-elect of Junior Clubs)

General or Junior Clubwomen:

Citizenship and Patriotism Award (judged at District level, District winner advances to State competition)

25 year pins, 50 year pins, Honorary Life Memberships (GFWC-NC)

GFWC now offers Membership Pins recognizing members for 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, and 40 years of service, in addition to those pins for 25, 50 and 75 years of service.

GFWC 25-Year Member Silver Pins honor our members who have served as community volunteers for 25 years or more.

GFWC 50-Year Gold and 75-Year Jubilee Pins honor clubwomen who have brought GFWC’s mission of volunteer service to their communities for 50 years or more. (The gold pin replaces the GFWC 50-Year Member Gold Card, which is no longer available. There is no cost for members who have not previously received the Gold Card. For those members who do have the Gold Card, the gold pin is available for a nominal fee.)

Members and clubs can order the Gold and Jubilee pins directly from GFWC Headquarters by completing the new GFWC Gold & Jubilee Pin order form .

State Certificates – Send in the name of the club member in the year they are celebrating their 25th , 50th , or 75th year of Federation membership (does not have to be in one club or be continuous) to the State President-elect by April 1st and they will be recognized at Convention with a certificate.

Club members, families, friends, or a combination thereof, may honor a club member with an Honorary Life Membership (HLM). Contact Headquarters staff for details, or look under the membership tab in your GFWC-NC Administration Book for details.