The Money Matters Section of the GFWC-NC website provides information and guidance on a variety of financial matters including dues, sending payments to GFWC-NC, items for sale through GFWC-NC, GFWC-NC endowment funds, sending contributions to GFWC-NC including giving toward disaster relief projects, scholarships and grants available through GFWC-NC, and answers to frequently asked questions concerning club financial issues.


Please contact us for information regarding dues.


Please use the Remittance Form when submitting annual dues payments to GFWC-NC Headquarters. This form is sent out from Headquarters with the roster mailing in November.

The Supplemental Remittance Form is to be used at other times during the year when sending money to GFWC-NC Headquarters for additional dues or contributions of any kind. This form can also be found in the Forms Section of the Administration Book.

Special Funds

GFWC-NC has a number of special funds. Clubs should contact GFWC-NC Headquarters if they have questions concerning gifts to special funds. The following is a brief description of some of the special funds:

*The General Fund monies are used to pay operating expenses of the Federation.

*The Legacy Fund is an invested fund with dividends used for operating expenses of GFWC-NC.

*The Katie McAulay Rankin Art Endowment Fund , established in April 1977, finances the various art, music, dance, drama, and public speaking competitions for students at the annual State Arts Festival. Funds are invested with dividends only used for the State Arts Festival and related expenses.

*Sallie Southall Cotten Scholarship Fund is an endowed fund. Donations are invested from which dividends provide an annual four-year academic scholarship. All scholarships are written directly to the schools. This scholarship was named for the North Carolina Federation founder and was originally an educational loan fund for girls.

Mary K. Whitener Scholarship Fund is an endowed fund. Donations are invested from which dividends provide an annual four-year piano scholarship. This scholarship was established in 1983 by Orin S. Whitener of Lenoir, NC, in honor of his wife.

*The GFWC-NC Greeson-Johnson Teaching Scholarship Fund are invested funds from which dividends are to provide an annual scholarship to a North Carolina college student who majors in Education to become a K-12 teacher.

The 1902 Society monies are invested in the General Fund. The 1902 Society was begun during our Centennial Celebration so that club members, clubs and/or Districts could annually join by paying $19.02, $190.20, or $1902 with increasing levels of benefits dependent on their level of contribution and to provide a source of income to the General Fund.

Women of Achievement funds are used to conduct the annual Women of Achievement Awards event, and for GFWC-NC public image related projects approved by the Executive Committee. Begun during the Centennial Celebration, this event honors women born in or currently residing in North Carolina for their outstanding contributions to our state in their particular field and in community service. Held during the annual GFWC-NC Convention, every effort is made to encourage diversity from categories such as: Arts, Athletics, Business, Community Service, Professional, Education, Health and Medical, Human and Public Services, International, Media, Military, Political Service, Religious, Science and Technological, and Volunteerism.

Attention clubs – *A minimum contribution of $25 to each of the above indicated funds is one of the requirements for recognition as an Honor Club.


GFWC-NC awards several scholarships on an annual basis. These currently include the following:

  • The Sallie Southall Cotten Scholarship (SSCS)
  • The Mary K. Whitener Scholarship
  • The Lucy Bramlette Patterson Award for Excellence in Creative Writing
  • The GFWC-NC Greeson-Johnson Teaching Scholarship