GFWC-NC Scholarships

The GFWC of North Carolina has a history of awarding scholarships. The first scholarship fund was begun in 1907.

Sallie Southall Cotten Scholarship

The GFWC of North Carolina Sallie Southall Cotten Scholarship (SSCS) is a 4 year scholarship awarded to an outstanding North Carolina high school senior (male or female). Students must be first sponsored by a GFWC-NC club in their local area that is participating in the scholarship process to apply. (In the event the recipient graduates in three years, the tenure shall be three years).  The scholarship is awarded in memory of our past State President Mrs. Robert R. Cotten (1911-1913).

Mary K. Paul Whitener Piano Scholarship

This GFWC-NC scholarship is maintained and offered through Catawba College. The annual scholarship is given to a student who declares a major in music with an emphasis in piano. The Whitener family has strong ties to Catawba College. These ties will continue to honor the legacy of Mary K. Paul Whitener. The Whitener Scholarship was established in 1985.

Lucy Bramlette Patterson Award for Excellence in Creative Writing

In 2002 the Lucy Bramlette Patterson Award for Excellence in Creative Writing was established. The recognitions are given in memory of Mrs. J. Lindsay Patterson, the first President of NCFWC (1902-1905).

The award honors a female North Carolina published writer for outstanding creative writing. The award recipient will receive an engraved Jefferson Cup in recognition of the honor.

The scholarship is awarded annually to the Salem College Center for Women Writers and presented to a North Carolina female rising senior who has participated in creative writing. The College selects the scholarship recipient.

Lucy Bramlette Patterson Award 

GFWC-NC Greeson-Johnson Teaching Scholarship

*Upon the recommendation from the GFWC-NC Scholarship Committee, and with the vote of approval from the GFWC-NC Executive Committee and Board of Trustees, the GFWC-NC Greeson-Johnson Teaching Scholarship will be suspended for 2021. This time will allow for the important and necessary due diligence for developing options and a plan for the continuance of this Scholarship that honors the scholarships intent and GFWC-NC’s Scholarship legacy.*

The GFWC-NC Greeson-Johnson Teaching Scholarship began with the 2010-2012 Administration as part of the Literacy campaign of State President Sharon Greeson and State Director of Juniors Andie Johnson. The Teaching Scholarship is a one-time award given annually an outstanding rising College Junior (male or female) who has declared his/her major in education to become a K-12 teacher.

SSCS winners are not eligible to apply for the GFWC-NC Greeson-Johnson Teaching Scholarship.