1902-2022 Celebrating 120 Years!

Women of all ages, backgrounds, and interests work together to better the lives of others, make cities and towns a better place to live, and extend the hand of friendship to those near and far. Any woman who wants the opportunity for the fellowship and personal enrichment that comes through volunteerism is welcome. Working together, through Federation, we constitute a powerful service organization with diverse talents united in dedication to community service. Learn more about GFWC and GFWC of North Carolina: 120 Federation Facts

The Benefits of Belonging

  • Strength in Unity for Shaping Public Issues and Policy
  • Leadership Training and Professional Development
  • A Varied Volunteer Menu and Framework for Community Service and Special Programs
  • Monthly GFWC-NC North Carolina Clubwoman Magazine
  • GFWC of North Carolina and GFWC Headquarters Support and Staff
  • GFWC Weekly News and Notes Newsletter and Quarterly GFWC Clubwoman Magazine
  • GFWC Representation on Capitol Hill and Legislative Action Alerts
  • GFWC Women's History and Resource Center in Washington DC
  • Participation in Federation Awards, Grants, and Contest Programs
  • GFWC Resources and Members-Only Materials
  • Opportunity to Participate in the Epsilon Sigma Omicron (ESO) Educational Society
  • A Worldwide Network of of Women with Similar Interest and Concerns
  • Health & Happiness - Volunteers Live Longer and Enjoy Life!
  • Personal Enrichment, Fun and Lasting Friendships
  • Membership in One of the World's Oldest and Largest Service Organizations!

Membership Levels

General 18 years and older

General Membership is for women 18 years and older. The North Carolina Federation of Women’s Clubs was organized May, 1902. GFWC-NC is composed of local clubs who today are united into a statewide volunteer organization for the promotion of education, community service, and to provide leadership development.

Junior 18-45 years of age

GFWC-NC Juniors were added in 1926. During the formative years, Junior Clubwomen were aged 16-25, with the age limit moving to 30, then 35 and now at 45. Junior Clubwomen are active in their communities, the state, and the nation. Leadership training and charitable contributions are key to Junior Clubwomen.

Juniorette Middle and High School

GFWC-NC Juniorettes are young women, middle to high school age, working together to meet the needs of their communities through volunteer service projects. Since 1969, GFWC Juniorettes have sharpened their leadership skills and put their idealism to work in projects that benefit children, families, and communities, while having FUN!

If you are interested in maintaining membership in the GFWC-NC after your club has disbanded, or where no federated club exists, please sign up for our Member-at-large Membership Level. The single purpose of the member- at-large status is to promote continuous GFWC-NC membership.

Member-At-Large Sign Up

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