Greetings from the Officers

Dear GFWC of North Carolina Clubwomen,

Thank you for your dedication to GFWC.
Thank you for choosing the General Federation of Women’s Clubs of North Carolina.
Thank you for volunteering to help others.
Thank you for the honor of serving as the 2018-2020 GFWC of North Carolina President.

As we enjoy the opportunities of service, we have a chance to meet women with similar goals, interests, and visions. This is the advantage of GFWC membership – the largest women’s volunteer organization in the world. Working together, we can accomplish great things.

Let’s continue to support our Corporate Champions for Women & Children Awards. This annual event acknowledges companies distinguishing themselves through support and assistance to women and children across our great state. They have developed market-leading family-friendly policies, provided leadership development for women, donated resources, coordinated volunteer efforts and are making a positive difference for women and children in North Carolina.

The 2018-2020 President’s theme is Celebrate Women! We celebrate the women of today: mothers working, teachers preparing our children, nurses and doctors caring for our families, and engineers and scientists finding new answers. We celebrate the women of yesterday. Without the forward thinking, strength of spirit and determination in the face of adversity, where would be be today? But it is important to focus on the women of tomorrow. How can we help them? What kind of world are we leaving for our future sisters? Are we building a GFWC-NC that will stand the test of time?

The GFWC-NC President’s Special Project “Healthy Women” recognized the need to take care of ourselves so we can take care of others. We will focus on projects and activities that further walking, wellness, and healthy living for ourselves and for women in our local communities.


To keep fit, our walking goal will be to make it OVER THE MOON!

According to Harvard Health, walking just 21 minutes a day can cut your risks of heart disease by 30%. In addition, this do-anywhere, no-equipment activity has also been shown to reduce the risk of diabetes and cancer, lower blood pressure and cholesterol and keep you mentally sharp. We will make walking fun… and competitive.


To stay well, do recommended check-ups, preventive screenings, and immunizations!

Make PREVENTION your priority. There are numerous ways to stay healthy and on top of your health. Talk to your healthcare provider to set up preventive screenings and well-woman visits. Help others in your community get the screenings they deserve to have. Our greatest wealth is our health!


To eat healthy, “eat a rainbow” of colorful fruits and vegetables daily and drink plenty of water.

Let’s all EAT A RAINBOW! Diets rich in colorful fruits and vegetables may reduce the risk of some cancers and other chronic diseases. Fruits and vegetables also provide essential vitamins and minerals, fiber and other substances that are essential for good health.

Please familiarize yourself with the GFWC-NC Administration Book. It contains a wealth of information and is a valuable resource for you and your members. Please visit the GFWC-NC website ( and the GFWC website ( Look for the GFWC Club Manual for the latest on new GFWC projects and programs, and don’t forget to visit the Resources page. It is your direct link to all things GFWC. Please call on your Executive Committee and Junior Officers for assistance. We are here to serve you.

Thank you for your loyalty to and membership in GFWC-NC! I am honored to serve GFWC-NC!

In Federation Love and Sisterhood,
Ann Hutchens Landis
2018-2020 GFWC-NC President

Letter from Junior Director

I am both honored and excited to serve our state Federation as part of the 2018-2020 administration. It is my hope that through collaboration we will make a collective impact across the state by addressing needs as partners with other groups and organizations.

My theme for this administration is Thriving Children. I chose this project because I have loved children since before I can remember, before I was a mother. I remain in awe of their creativity, resilience and love for adventure. My professional and volunteer work with families and children has taught me the importance of ensuring that our future leaders have the skills needed to tackle the problems of tomorrow. It is critical that we make sure that no matter where children live, they have the opportunity to access quality learning environments, outdoor play, healthy foods and routine medical care. There are many roles our organization must fill so we need flexible interest-based approaches that will have a lasting impact across the state.

I encourage you to partner with child serving agencies such as the United Way, your local health department, Communities in Schools, local food banks and Partnerships for Children/Smart Start. These organizations work tirelessly in our communities to address the needs of children and can be a valuable resource to our clubs as we plan our projects and activities. My special project chairman, Bridgett Paschall, will work to make sure each of you have what you need in order to implement your strategies and initiatives.

Please know that I am always available to my fellow Juniors to discuss any question, interest, or opportunity you may have. Let’s make these next two years ones that will not only create change in our communities but our Federation as well. Together, we’ll be amazing!

Infinite horizons belong to those with infinite imagination.
Mehmet Murat ildan

In Junior Spirit,

LeAndra N. Ratliff
2018-2020 GFWC-NC Director of Junior Clubs