Greetings from the Officers

Letter from GFWC-NC President

Dear GFWC of North Carolina Clubwomen,

It is an honor and privilege to serve as your 63rd GFWC of North Carolina President. The overall theme for the 2024-2026 administration is Find your Beat, Join the Rhythm! The 2024-2026 President’s Special Project will highlight the importance and value of the Arts in schools, in therapy, in everyday life, and in our communities to promote cohesion and inclusiveness. Child or adult, healthy or disabled, male or female – Arts touch hearts, open minds and change lives.

The President’s Special Project offers volunteer opportunities for everyone and because our communities are so different, the possibilities for new projects that open doors to the Arts are endless! Project ideas are highlighted in the President’s Project Brochure.

Many of you know that Leadership is near and dear to my heart. I believe it is our job to grow and nurture leaders in all our North Carolina clubs. Providing education for leadership and opportunities to serve will ensure retention and growth of our members. Leadership and Membership will be a special emphasis throughout the Administration and at GFWC-NC meetings. Leadership and Membership go hand in hand. Confident and competent individuals attract members, and members are our future, AND our future leaders. They provide the beats for the Federation and are our greatest assets!

GFWC of North Carolina has 122 years of rhythm, completing projects, programs, and service that have made a difference across the state. Our doors are open. Invite new and past members of all ages to Find their Beat and Join the Rhythm of GFWC of North Carolina. The impact of the projects and programs that GFWC-NC members implement across the state is amazing. We are connected through volunteerism; connected by our districts, state federation and the General Federation of Women’s Clubs.

Over the next two years we will look to strengthen these connections and build new connections to shape the future of GFWC of North Carolina. I am excited to work with you to make a collective impact in communities across North Carolina. We are better when we volunteer together and can do so much more when we work hand in hand.

“Hearts that beat to the tune of kindness can change the rhythm of the world.” – C. J. Peterson

Join us… Find Your Beat, Join the Rhythm!

Karen Throckmorton
GFWC-NC President



Letter from GFWC-NC Director of Junior Clubs

I am very excited to be chosen to serve GFWC-NC for the 2024-2026 Administration.  It is an honor to be able to serve with such an amazing group of women.

My theme for this administration is Discover the Magic: Enchanting Minds and Inspiring Art. As a parent of two middle school students in this post COVID era it is very apparent that children today need outlets for creativity. What do those outlets look like?  Often, it is listening to music, watching a movie, reading a book, drawing, dancing, or journalling.  What do all of those have in common?  They are forms of art.  I would like for all our club women to promote and support the idea that every child is an artist and help inspire creativity and appreciation of creativity into the fabric of every child’s life.

Research has shown time and again all the benefits that engagement with the arts brings to children. Beyond the sheer joy of creation, participation in artistic pursuits enhances cognitive abilities, fosters critical thinking, and cultivates problem-solving skills. Through the process of artistic exploration, children learn to communicate effectively, build confidence, and develop a deeper sense of empathy and understanding.

The arts also serve as a powerful catalyst for emotional well-being, providing children with a safe space to express their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Whether through the strokes of a paintbrush, the melodies of a song, or the rhythms of a dance, young minds find solace, release, and healing in the act of creation.

Let’s pledge to remove barriers and cultivate inclusive spaces where every child feels seen, heard, and valued. Whether it’s through community workshops, school partnerships, or virtual platforms, let’s create opportunities for access to the arts and invite children from all walks of life to step into the spotlight and shine.  In the heart of every child lies a story to be told and a masterpiece waiting to unfold.

In addition to supporting the Junior Special Project, Advocates for Children, this administration I would like to focus on the “Magic” that Junior Clubwomen bring to the organization.  We will be promoting membership, recognition, leadership skills and opportunities and encouraging Junior Clubwomen to take a more active role in the organization.

GFWC-NC is an organization where magic knows no bounds, “Discover the Magic” in every child and yourself.

In Junior Spirit,

Rebecca Duffy

GFWC-NC Director of Junior Clubs