You got an email from the GFWC-NC President – or DID you?

Have you ever gotten an email from your GFWC-NC leadership asking for a gift card donation or asking if you are available to talk?  Sometimes these emails look legitimate because they appear to be from a person whose name you recognize.  Our leaders’ names are out there in the public, so sometimes scammers will use our names to try to trick you – it’s called “phishing” and it’s far too common.  If the content of the email sounds a little strange, take a few moments to look closer.  Even if the name of the sender looks familiar, hover over the name to see if you recognize the actual email address.  If you’re not sure, contact the sender directly before taking action.  Be sure not to click on any links, download any documents, or reply to any emails until you know it is safe.  Know that we will not contact individual clubwomen to request gift cards! 

Here are a few links to learn more about phishing (we’ve tested them – they’re safe!):