September Membership

September 2020

Membership September Newsletter Article

What a summer it has been! Fall is right around the corner and many of our club years will be in full swing. But what does full swing look like during these unprecedented times?
This is a question we have received from many of you. To help assist with keeping your members engaged and connected, we have gathered a few virtual social and volunteer ideas.
• Spooky Halloween/S’mores Fall Event – send members a S’mores pack in the mail and gather together to share ghost stories.
• Share a Workshop – Does a member have a special skill to share with the membership?
• Trivia Night – there are online versions you can find or you can make your own.
• Brewery Tour or Tea Party – have each member purchase a couple of beers from a local brewery to try as a group or send members a variety of tea bags and a treat and have a tea party.
• Arm’s Reach Show and Tell – ask members to grab one thing within arm’s reach and tell the club about the item.
• Competition – have members show off special hats, etc and provide a small prize to the winner.
• Beauty Night – have members bring their own beauty masks, nail polish, etc and chat while all of you have time to pamper yourselves.
• Sandwich Making for a Local Shelter – find a local shelter taking donations and have each member make a certain number of sandwiches to be picked up the next day and delivered by one of your members.

If you try one of these, please post on social media, utilize #GFWCNC and let us know your membership’s response.



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