Membership October 2020

What’s in it for ME????



Does your club make good use of your time?  Are your club projects and program MEANINGFUL??  Is there enough DIVERSITY to grab (and KEEP) the interest of new members??

  • If your membership is lacking the normal excitement, consider surveying your members to see if your club needs to make some adjustments
    • Change meeting times to increase attendance (even virtual meetings should be fun and well attended!)
    • “Retire” projects that are no longer beneficial to your club and members
    • Involve those newer members – what WAS it that made them want to join?
  • Club members’ time is valuable – evaluate your projects and programs to ensure your members STAY excited and engaged
    • Look at the new CSP project and program ideas and find something new for this year. Offer a few choices and let the members choose which they will commit to – give them ownership!
    • Have members record club infomercials on topics such as Leadership (I’m a CSP Chair, now what do I do?) and New Members Orientation (how the local club fits in the District, State, and GFWC) then share via email, FaceBook, Instagram, and on your club’s website.
    • Embrace your club members’ DIVERSITY – host monthly virtual Cooking Classes featuring a new cuisine each month – report them as an International Affairs activity under Health and Wellness or Education!
  • Visually survey your members during meetings – are they paying attention or are they secretly playing Candy Crush or scrolling FaceBook or Instagram during a presentation?
    • Mix things up a little – rearrange your meeting agenda
    • Throw in a pop quiz and offer a great prize – this can also be done virtually!
    • Have members read a book one month and discuss it as your meeting program – consider a book on DIVERSITY and then you can REPORT it under a new CSP!

Membership is vital to a club – don’t let #2020 deter member excitement!!

Kim Fulcher, GFWC-NC President-elect, [email protected]

Hope Hockaday, GFWC-NC Director-elect of Junior Clubs, [email protected]



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