It’s that time of year… to think about reporting!

Federation Friday: Volume 1, Issue 24, December 14, 2018

Tips for Award Entry & Reporting

It is never too early to start gathering your information for the process of club reporting and award entry. Reminder – The Report is a collection of statistical numbers on one form. The Award Entry is a narrative about the projects and programs that clubs have participated in the prior club year. To help you get started, here are some tips. 

 Tracking Your Projects: 

  • Start with your club minutes. Speakers, meeting projects, should be in your minutes. 
  • Create a spreadsheet or worksheet to track each project under each of the different CSP or advancements. It is available here: Tracking Spreadsheet (will download automatically so check your download folder).
  • Keep track of your speakers – you can count the length of time a speaker speaks times the number of members at the meeting (not the number of club members in the club). If your speaker talked about recycling – that goes under conservation. 
  • # of members will only show on award entries and not the CP&S. For the award entry, the number of members participating does help the reader understand the impact a club may have had and how supported the club was with the project. YOU CANNOT COUNT NON-MEMBERS, NOR CAN YOU HAVE MORE MEMBERS PARTICIPATING THAN YOU HAVE IN YOUR CLUB. 
  • Check out the website for more tips as well as the upcoming Clubwoman Magazine. 

Where does it go? 

Determine what was the focus of the program? Was it tutoring? That would go under education; Healthy eating? That would go under Home Life; Working with St. Jude – that would be the GFWC Junior’s Special Project Advocates for Children. There is a helpful document on the website to assist in determining where projects should go. 

Beware of cross entries!! One of the biggest continuing issues we have is clubs entering the same project under both a Community Service Program and another GFWC program – Cross Entries! There are SOME award entries that we do accept cross entries. 

Good Report Writing 

  • Was the project successful? 
  • Were other organizations or clubs involved? 
  • What was the need for the project? 
  • Was the project different, new, special, or creative? 
  • Who benefitted from the project? The Club, another group, or both? 
  • Dollars raised, in-kind and hours donated 
  • What was the impact to the community? 
  • What were the obstacles and what did the club do to overcome them? 
  • Who in the club worked on the project? 2 members, 25 members or all members? 
  • How long did it take to do the project? 2 hours or 6 months? 

Change Reminders 

  • No more than 5 projects or programs on an award entry from (unless otherwise noted) 
  • Choose your ONE project for the Creativity Award. 
  • If there isn’t an award entry form – there isn’t an award. 

Any questions, contact Helen Richie, GFWC-NC 1st VP 



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