Community Service and Special Programs

Community Service and Special Programs

We are truly living history! We are in the midst of a pandemic, celebrating 100 years of the Women’s Right to Vote, and continuing our important work in communities across the state. We are overcoming the challenges of today’s environment by being creative and inspired!

We created GFWC-NC flyers for our five newly aligned CSPs – Arts & Culture, Civic Engagement & Outreach, Education & Libraries, Environment, and Health & Wellness – to include some project that can be accomplished during a pandemic. They are available on the website, , under each CSP. You will also find the Community Service and Special Programs Dates to Remember calendar, optional project worksheet, and links to important resources to assist with your planning. 

Think about leveraging the GFWC Affiliate Organizations for special and community service programs. They are Canine Companions for Independence, Heifer, Hoby, March of Dimes, Operation Smile, Prevent Child Abuse America, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, UNICEF USA, and UN Shot at Life. Challenge Projects may be a great place to start if you are looking for some new ideas. They represent issues that we face today.

We are excited to announce that we will be hosting a series of short zoom seminars in each of the Program and Advancement Plan areas. You will have the opportunity to meet the GFWC-NC Chairman and get the latest updates and information. They are tentatively scheduled for Monday and Tuesday November 9th, 10th, 16th, 17th, and 30th and December 1st, 7th, and 8th.  We will send out more details soon, so stay tuned!

The President’s Special Project: She Elevates the World offers opportunities for all the CSPs to participate in advancing the goals of the 2020-2022 administration. Here are some projects that address the four focus areas: Impact NC, Sunflowers for Suffrage, Elevating Women & Girls, and the GFWC Signature Program/Success for Survivors Scholarship.

  • Visit a museum to experience and understand the culture of the early 1900’s. (Arts & Culture)
  • Hold voter education, voter registration, candidate forums, and Get Out the Vote. (Civic Engagement and Outreach)
  • Sponsor community enrichment programs at your public library or donate books to educate and promote women’s history. (Education and Libraries)
  • Participate in hands-on volunteer opportunities or projects to improve the grounds at the Charlotte Hawkins Museum and other historic sites across the state. (Environment)
  • Organize and support events that promote overall health, self-esteem, and fitness for girls and women of any age. (Health and Wellness)

Projects in these areas can be submitted under your CSP for awards and reporting. Remember to record our history as you plan and perform your projects!

Additional Statewide initiatives include the Director of Junior Clubs Special Project: Safe Kids, Boys and Girls Homes, Federation Day, and GFWC-NC LEADS. The annual LEADS seminar has been expanded so that more members who are interested in Leadership can participate. You can learn more at your district meetings.

We are more than happy to help; please let us know. We are just a zoom call away!

Karen Throckmorton

GFWC-NC 1st Vice President

Pam Mediano

Dean of Junior Community Service Programs



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