Advocates for Children Week – Breast Cancer Awareness

Advocates for Children Week

GFWC clubwomen will celebrate Juniors’ Special Program: Advocates for Children Week from Sunday, October 21st to Saturday, October 27th, but members continue to help children all year long!

The GFWC-NC Director of Junior Clubs theme for the 2018-2020 administration is “Thriving Children.” Reach out in your communities and find resources: Smart Start, United Way, Local Food Banks, Schools, Health Departments, Churches, Libraries, Hospitals, Doctors Offices and Farmers Markets. Ask how your club can help.

Help children thrive during this week. Be sure to post on social media and Share!

Here are ways to help literacy with children: Place books inside a Doctor’s Office, start or help to fill a small community library or donate books to schools or reading programs.

Here are ways to ensure children in our communities are getting healthy food options: Donate food to food pantries, sponsor Backpack Buddies, serve at your local food bank or set up a fresh fruit and veggies stand. Here are ways to make sure kids are prepared academically and promote the importance of education: Buy school uniforms, collect school supplies, help families sign their kids up for Headstart or be a tutor or reading buddy.

Here are ways to promote physical health: Host a kickball game, volunteer at a school field day or volunteer at a dental clinic/dental bus.

Here are ways to promote mental health: Educate families about child mental health awareness or volunteer at a DV or Sexual Assault Center.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast cancer cannot be prevented but early detection can increase your chance of finding cancer before it spreads. National Mammography Day is Friday, October 19th, 2018.

Breast cancer is the second most common type of cancer in women. Approximately 1 in 8 women born today in the United States will get breast cancer during their lifetime.

The good news is that most women can survive breast cancer if it’s found and treated early. A mammogram – the screening test for breast cancer – can help find breast cancer early when treatment is less invasive. Breast self-exams are important too for early detection.

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is an opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of detecting breast cancer early. Spread the word about mammograms, and encourage communities, organizations, families, and individuals to get involved.

How can National Breast Cancer Awareness Month make a difference?

Spread the word about steps women can take to detect breast cancer early. Encourage your friends and family to get their mammograms. Make a difference!