What’s in it for ME?? – July

Happy summer, y’all!  As members of GFWC of North Carolina we are fortunate to experience all four seasons in our great state – most of the time!  Each season has its purpose just like the four seasons of GFWC’s Recruitment Campaign titled “Hats off to Membership”!   Please use these “seasons” to help to restore, replenish, and revive your club as well as your members.

  • June, July, and August: RETENTION – “Staying in the Game”
    • Membership Campaign Report due September 1
  • September, October, and November: RECRUITMENT – “Exploring for New Members”
    • Membership Campaign Report due December 1
  • December, January, February: MENTORING – “Building the Connection”
    • Membership Campaign Report due March 1
  • March, April, and May: RECOGNITION – “Celebrating the Victories”
    • Membership Campaign Report due June 1

It is certainly hot in June, July, and August but be sure to work on RETENTION despite the heat – reach out to and remind your members What’s in it for THEM:

  • Gather in a small group by the pool
  • Send a cute card or write a handwritten letter to members you’ve not seen lately
  • Take a girls’ day trip to the beach or the lake
  • Call a member you’ve missed – she will love to hear from you!
  • Join a member for an evening walk – the temps fall and it’s a bit cooler

Stay safe and healthy!


Kim Fulcher & Hope Hockaday, GFWC-NC Membership