Take Time – July

Your Executive Committee, Junior Officers, and Headquarters staff are truly committed to serve you – our clubs and our members.  To ensure that we are able to give you individual attention, our staff and I have set office hours so that we can focus on you and your club’s needs.  Regular staff hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9am until 4pm or other times by appointment.  I have set up an online calendar so that you can schedule time with me.  Most of those hours are during lunch breaks and driving hours for me due to my work schedule and cell phone connectivity issues at my home.  If you need to schedule time with me, you are welcome to reserve a slot on my calendar through the Calendly app at https://calendly.com/gfwcnccrystaloneal/gfwcnc-office-hours.  If those times do not work for you, please contact me directly so that we can schedule an appointment.  I look forward to talking with you by phone or connecting through Google Meet video conferencing.


Crystal O’Neal, GFWC-NC President