What’s In It For Me? August Membership

What’s in it for ME????

Does your club communicate club and member happenings well?? Does your club share the activities of GFWC and GFWC-NC with you and other members?

Communication is key to a successful club and there are many ways in which your club and members can share valuable information with not only your members but within your community! Here are a few ways to make sure your club is sharing What’s in it for YOU:
• Club Website – this is a great way to make information available to your members, prospective members, and anyone wanting information on your club. You can list your leadership (do not post personal information), your projects and programs, meeting dates and locations, links to GFWC and GFWC-NC as well as organizations your club supports.
• Club Newsletter – what better way to keep your members informed between meetings? If you use a digital newsletter it will be easier to keep it current until you send to your members. Write articles as brief and to the point as possible to keep your members’ attention. Share new and exciting activities such as fundraisers, social gatherings, new member get togethers – be sure to include photos. You can include self-help information on all kinds of topics and provide a link for members to click for more detailed information. We all need a little self-care during these uncertain times.
• Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter – this is key to getting information out to your members and your community of upcoming activities/meetings and it may spark conversations and new ideas within your club and your community. AND posts that are seen and shared increases your club’s visibility within your community! You can use the postings to promote membership retention - include pictures of members at meetings, club gatherings, special projects you are doing – what better way to share the fun you are having??

Membership is vital to a club – be sure you communicate well!

Kim Fulcher & Hope Hockaday, GFWC-NC Membership



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