Take Charge of Your Health

Heart disease is the #1 killer of women in America taking more lives than all forms of cancer combined. Learn how to make simple changes that could save your life.

Take Charge of Your Health

As women, we tend to put others ahead of ourselves. But if we do not care for ourselves, we cannot take care of others. If you do not make your health a priority, who will?


Learn the sign and symptoms of heart disease and understand your family history and risk factors.

Signs and Symptoms of Heart Attack

If you have any of these signs, call 9-1-1 and get to a hospital right away.

  1. Uncomfortable pressure, squeezing, fullness or pain in the center of your chest. It lasts more than a few minutes or goes away and comes back.
  2. Pain or discomfort in one or both arms, the back, neck, jaw, or stomach.
  3. Shortness of breath with or without chest discomfort.
  4. Other signs such as breaking out in a cold sweat, nausea, or lightheadedness.
  5. As with men, women’s most common heart attack symptom is chest pain or discomfort. But women are more likely than men to experience some of the other common symptoms, particularly shortness of breath, nausea/vomiting and back or jaw pain.


Move more, eat better, and track your blood pressure. How do you want to live? Along with eating right and being active, real health includes getting enough sleep, practicing mindfulness, managing stress, keeping mind and body fit, connecting socially. The Go Red for Women website has tools and resources to help you take charge of your health.


Go Red for Women has provided a platform for women to come together, raise awareness, fund lifesaving research, advocate for change and improve the lives of all women.


goredforwomen.org -The American Heart Association’s signature women’s initiative, Go Red for Women, is a comprehensive platform designed to increase women’s heart health awareness and serve as a catalyst for change to improve the lives of women globally

#GoRedGetFit- join our Facebook community for online support from other women working to be active and eat well.

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Projectbaseline.com/gored- Women especially women of color continue to be underrepresented in research. You can help by joining Research Goes Red and participating in research, surveys, focus groups and more.


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