Retaining Your Members is a Two-Step Process….Step 2



As we mentioned in July, retaining members is a two-step process – your club and your membership are both key players.  Last month we shared how your club contributes to membership retention and this month we will look inside your club and discuss how your members have a significant impact on retention.

What is your club doing to keep members coming back year after year?  Do your members understand the projects they are asked to support?  What is it that drew someone to visit your club, join your club and then, perhaps, never return to your club?

FUN is what we want our members to feel when they attend a club meeting. FUN is infectious and allows you to release the stress of the day and then you can concentrate on the business at hand.  Smiles and laughter also make a “visitor” relax!  Here are a few ideas to bring in the FUN:

  • Open your meeting with an inspirational reading or quote.
  • Always have food…remember if you feed them, they will come!
  • Involve as many members in project development/discussion as feasible.
  • Educate your members so they know that they are part of district and state organizations. Encourage your members to attend district and state level meetings so they can see firsthand the overall affect GFWC plays in their state.
  • Be sure to recognize members for their hard work – even a small verbal thank you will be enough to brighten a member’s day!

Remember, a happy, fulfilled member is the single best tool to recruit new members. And each new member recruited will expand your club’s base to recruit additional new members. Need more details on Membership Retention?  Check out the Member Portal on the GFWC website.

Don’t forget our incentive for this club year!   The GFWC-NC Membership Committee is going to have a drawing at the end of each of the four “seasons” for a $25 gift card that we hope will help your club celebrate its newest members!  Maybe host a social, or purchase a gift for each new member, or whatever you choose.  Then at the end of the year there will be another drawing for a grand prize that will include a $100 gift card and lots of other fun stuff for your club.  The catch??  Your club must submit the GFWC Seasonal Recruitment Campaign Report to GFWC and send a copy to Kim Fulcher.  Be sure to submit for each “season” your club adds new members.  Even if you only took in one new member – REPORT it and your club will be eligible for the drawing – first one will be in September so don’t forget to submit your report by September 1, 2021!




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