Retaining Members is a 2 Step Process….



Retaining members is a two-step process – your club and your membership are both key players.  This month’s article will discuss the club’s role in helping to keep your members and in August we will look inside your club and discuss how members impact retention.

Have you looked closely at your club and reflected on what it is that keeps members engaged and more importantly, what makes them leave?  Looking at our club to find out why members leave is often difficult but it is important to reflect on your club and discover and know why members join in the first place, and also why members decide your club is no longer where they want to be.  Here are a few things to think about…

  • What works? At the beginning of each club year poll your members and ask them what they liked and disliked over the past year.  LISTEN to your members and make changes if needed.  Projects run their course and often members lose interest, or the project is no longer relevant – steer clear of the phrase “We do this project because we always have.”  Make a change and stir up excitement!
  • What kind of club are we? Look at your members – are they young professionals?  Stay at home moms?  Retired and semi-retired?  What are their needs, what kind of club work interests them, how can you keep them engaged?  Consider the availability of your members and cater to them to make sure meeting times and activities are working and doable for all.
  • Do you really involve ALL members? Members stay when they are engaged and have “ownership” within the club.  Be sure everyone has a job or purpose in the club no matter the size – some leaders come are destined to be President, and others are happiest as workers.  Take some time to reflect.  When you KNOW your members and their needs, you KEEP them!

For more detailed information please go to the Member Portal on the GFWC website.

Don’t forget our incentive for this club year!   The GFWC-NC Membership Committee is going to have a drawing at the end of each of the four “seasons” for a $25 gift card that we hope will help your club celebrate its newest members!  Maybe host a social, or purchase a gift for each new member, or whatever you choose.  Then at the end of the year there will be another drawing for a grand prize that will include a $100 gift card and lots of other fun stuff for your club.  The catch??  Your club must submit the GFWC Seasonal Recruitment Campaign Report to GFWC and send a copy to Kim Fulcher.  Be sure to submit for each “season” your club adds new members.  Even if you only took in one new member – REPORT it and your club will be eligible for the drawing!




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