Clubs mentoring clubs = SUCCESS!

What’s in it for ME????

When you think of mentoring is often one member mentoring another.  You will see a newer member learning from a member who has been in the club a while.  You may see a member interested in a leadership role and seeks out another member for support and guidance.  Yet another form of mentoring is when one club mentors another club whether it be a Junior Club OR even new club.

Clubs mentoring other clubs is extremely important in the survival of that club as well as our federation.  You may be asking yourself why would a club need mentoring?  GFWC-NC Director-elect of Junior Clubs, Hope Hockaday, shared her own experience, “As our membership declined and leadership positions became harder to fill, the Charlotte Woman’s Club guided the Junior Woman’s Club of Charlotte through a restructuring that ensured the sustainability of the Charlotte Juniors.”  We are, unfortunately, finding some clubs across the state experiencing this same situation where membership numbers fall, and it becomes more difficult to fill leadership positions within the clubs, and further maintaining the success of the club.  Solution?  Follow the guidance of the Charlotte Woman’s Club – if you know of a club experiencing these same issues then talk with your own club, see if your club could offer a similar type of support ensuring their ability to flourish!

Each of us has had a lasting impact on another person at some point in our lives and likely to a fellow clubwoman.  Let’s shift some of that one-on-one mentoring and as CLUBS foster those connections into SUCCESSFUL clubs!!   Mentoring takes on all shapes and sizes and the results could be a quickly found solution or perhaps partnerships between clubs for a much longer period of time.

Mentoring is not only about building the connection between members, but also just as important to entire clubs – small or large.  The time it takes to mentor is minimal compared to the lasting impact YOU will have on another and think of the friendships you will make that will last a lifetime!  Clubs mentoring clubs = SUCCESS!!

Don’t forget our incentive for this club year!   The GFWC-NC Membership Committee is drawing at the end of each of the four “seasons” for a $25 gift card to help your club celebrate its newest members!  There will be another drawing at the end of the year for a $100 gift card and other fun stuff for your club.  The next drawing will be in March – club presidents look for reminders!

Did YOU KNOW????  Navigating the Member Portal Digital Library

As a GFWC clubwoman, you have access to a wealth of information, resources, GFWC merchandise, and fun and informative events through the Member Portal. By signing into your Member Portal account, you will automatically gain access to this important source of information that will enhance your membership experience.

Once you have signed up for a GFWC Member Portal Account, you will be able to access the Digital Library by clicking on the profile icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen and selecting “My Digital Library.” If you do not see this option available, please email and we will help you access these valuable member resources (please allow 12-24 hours to receive access after signing up for an account).

The Digital Library “Resources” folder is organized alphabetically, but the quickest and easiest way to find the information you are looking for is by viewing the Index, which provides a list of the documents housed in the Digital Library and will identify the folder that holds the information you need. You can access the Index by clicking on the first “Index” subfolder in the “Resources” folder.

Kim Fulcher, GFWC-NC President-elect,

Hope Hockaday, GFWC-NC Director-elect of Junior Clubs,



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