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“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” —Eleanor Roosevelt

Happy New Year!

With each new GFWC year, comes the reporting season! We Look forward to receiving reports and award entries and appreciate the time you take to prepare them. We have been updating the GFWC-NC website, so as you plan your projects for 2022 and prepare award entries and reports be sure to visit the Community Service section. There you find the program handouts, project ideas and tools, project worksheets, resource organizations, and the monthly program calendar. The section is organized as follows:

2020-2022 Special Projects and Programs – GFWC-NC President’s Special Project, GFWC-NC Director of Junior Clubs Special Project: Safe Kids, Signature Program: Domestic and Sexual Violence Prevention and Awareness, Juniors Special Program: Advocates for Children, Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina and Federation Friday.

Community Service Programs – Arts & Culture, Civic Engagement & Outreach, Education & Libraries, ESO, Environment, and Health & Wellness.

Advancement Plans – Communications & Public Relations, Fundraising & Development, Leadership, Legislation & Public Policy, Membership and Women’s History & Resource Center (WHRC)

You will also find guides on where to report projects, fundamentals for awards and reporting, award submission tips, and Tab n’ Type versions of the CP&S and Award Entry forms in the section titled Awards & Reports.

We are keeping personal, privileged information off the site as much as possible because of hacking. To obtain contact information for the Program Chairmen for awards submission, you can request the All-Awards Contact List from Headquarters or refer to section 8 of the GFWC-NC Administration Book. Be sure to the refer to the updated version, sent to Club Presidents in the fall of 2021.

Remember that CP&S reports and Award Entry forms are all due by midnight February 1st. And a reminder that this year the Community Impact award entries are due March 1st to the GFWC-NC 1st Vice President. This is a 2-year award, and it has been streamlined. You can submit up to three projects and the GFWC-NC winning entry will be submitted to GFWC for the opportunity to win a $2,500 grant.

If you have any questions, your GFWC-NC Program Chairmen are great resources so please feel free to reach out to them.

Best wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2022. Follow your dreams!

Karen Throckmorton, GFWC-NC First Vice President

Pam Mediano, GFWC-NC Dean of Junior Community Service Programs







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