National Women’s Health and Fitness Day, GFWC Brand Initiative Day of Action

Federation Friday: Volume 2, Issue 12 - September 20, 2019

National Women’s Health & Fitness Day 

September 25th is National Women’s Health & Fitness Day, a nation-wide effort to focus attention on the importance of regular exercise and healthy living for women. While it may be too late for your club to sponsor an event, each of us can throw our own celebration with these good-for-you healthy moves: 

  1. Try a new sport. Spinning in the pool? Why not? Mixing up your workout can be good for your body. 
  2. Get your thyroid checked. A sluggish or hyperactive thyroid can wreak havoc on your concentration, mood, and weight, and can go undetected for years. 
  3. Eat some superfoods! You may not be Superwoman (well not every day), but you can eat superfoods, such as broccoli, apples, turnips—-and lots of other good stuff you can find at your local farmer’s market. Try superfoods that can help you lose weight, fight colds, boost your heart health, and even live longer. 
  4. Take a nap. To boost concentration and energy, take a 20-minute power nap. New research is shedding light on the health benefits of sleep, which is good for your heart, mind, weight, and more. 
  5. Ask a friend to work out. Not only will exercising be more fun, but research has shown that working out with a pal can help you stay motivated and lose more weight than those who go solo. 
  6. Give yourself a healthy beauty treatment. Try DIY food facials; 
  7. Eat for your bones. A healthy diet can go a long way towards helping you get enough calcium and vitamin D to keep your bones healthy and strong. 
  8. Stay hydrated. Not a fan of the 8-glasses-of-water-a-day rule? Infuse your water with cucumber, lemons, limes or oranges or try carbonated water.   
  9. Toast up some pumpkin or squash seeds! Chocked full of nutrients and crunch, these little seeds will become a healthy addiction. 
  10. Rub out stress with a massage. While a little bit of stress is fine for the body, prolonged stress can take a toll on your body, including weight gain, hair loss, and blood sugar swings. 
  11. Give your back a break. Try lightening up your bag, or making other changes to help your back. And don’t forget to add back-strengthening moves to your workout to stop problems before they get started. 
  12. Eat some chocolate. May we suggest chocolate zucchini brownies? Not only does chocolate (the dark kind) have all sorts of health benefits, letting yourself savor the foods that give you pleasure is one of the healthiest things a woman can do! 


GFWC Brand Initiative 

Day of Action on September 23, 2019 

Call and email US Representative David Rouzer 

for passage of HR 2793 Miranda Vargas School Bus Driver Red Flag Act

Emails – please remember to sign in RED.




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