Honorary Life Membership / Valentine’s Day

Federation Friday: Volume 2, Issue 33 - February 14, 2020

Honorary Life Membership 

Love is in the air! Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day, we know that you LOVE your fellow club members. Does your club have a special clubwoman who is always there, pouring her heart into every project? Someone who can always be counted on to give her time, her talents, and donations? A member who gives support and guidance to everyone? Show her you appreciate her by giving her a GFWC of North Carolina Honorary Life Membership (HLM)! It’s easier than you may think to bestow one of our Federation’s highest honors. 

Submit $750 along with the following information to GFWC-NC Headquarters no later than April 1st: 

1) Honoree’s name (as it should appear on the certificate). 

2) Narrative of up to 250 words highlighting the honoree’s club work and other activities. 

3) Let us know if the HLM is a surprise to the honoree and the name of the honoree’s escort & guests. 

The funds received to honor these clubwomen are placed in the GFWC-NC Legacy Fund to help sustain GFWC-NC services to the clubs in North Carolina. After a member receives an HLM, her club of record no longer remits her state dues to GFWC-NC Headquarters. HLM status is denoted on the club roster and GFWC dues will be remitted from the state as long as she remains a member in good standing of a federated club in North Carolina. 

The Honorary Life Membership will be presented at the GFWC-NC Convention in April. We will work with your club to coordinate the presentation so special/surprise guests can be there to celebrate. If you have questions, please contact Crystal O’Neal or Angela Moss. We cannot wait to share this heartwarming gift of Federation love with you!

Being in Love Makes You Healthy

Being in love affects more than mood, itimprovesour health. In fact, love may just be the best medicine out there!

Research shows that people in love have better stress levels and better moods. Studies have also found that being in a loving relationship lowers your risk of heart attack. A Harvard study found that those who felt secure in their relationships experienced fewer heart issues. 

Close relationships can influence good habits, exercise routines, and self-esteem. When happy couples spend time together, it leads to a drop in blood pressure. So, relax and enjoy Valentine’s Day with the one(s) you love. 

Valentine’s Day Special Recipe 

  • 1 cup of kindness 
  • 2+ cups of caring hearts 
  • 3 cups of love 
  • 4 small kisses 
  • 5 Tbs of happiness 
  • 6 huge hugs 
  • Mix together and spread your love! 



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