Woman’s Health Week

Women’s Health Week: May 9th – 15th

Stay active.  Eat healthy.  Get some sleep.  Start today!  The federal government’s Office on Women’s Health created National Women’s Health Week as a way to encourage all women to make the choices which are right for them.  The observance begins each Mother’s Day and runs through Saturday.

May is also recognized as Mental Health Awareness Month. Let National Women’s Health Week kick start better habits that influence strong mental health, such as managing stress, in order to ward off anxiety and depression. Dealing with a pandemic, work, relationships and life in general can be hard at times.  If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask for it!

How to Observe National Women’s Health Week

  1. Visit your doctor – Annual checkups are an absolute must for maintaining good physical and mental health. If you haven’t had a physical in a while, contact your doctor and book an appointment. Yes, even if you’re feeling great.
  2.  Analyze your diet – Check your eating habits to make sure you’re getting the recommended daily allotment of nutrients. It’s easy to slip into an unhealthy eating routine. Make National Women’s Health Week a time to adjust your diet.
  3. Join the gym – Join your local gym or grab a group of girlfriends and establish a regular exercise routine. Better yet, if you have the resources, hire a personal trainer who will keep you honest.

Why National Women’s Health Week is Important

  1. Happiness starts with good health – Healthy women have more energy to get through the day and approach life with more hope and optimism. They are less stressed and experience lower levels of anxiety. Use National Women’s Health Week as a reminder to breathe.
  1. Kids need their moms – For moms, living a healthier lifestyle and taking preventative measures means they’ll be around longer for their kids. Also, kids tend to adopt their parents’ habits; healthy moms are likely to have healthier kids.  Make healthy living a generational behavior.
  1. Good health is infectious – When friends and family see how happy you are by living a healthier lifestyle, they’ll want a piece of that happiness pie. Living and eating well shows others that they can do it too.


Tammy Kesky

GFWC-NC Health & Wellness CSP Chairman





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