Summer of Service 2021

GFWC-NC Summer of Service projects and programs can be organized, done in a day, and meet many needs in our local communities.  Remember to post your summer projects with #Summerofservice.

Cultural Awareness 

Culture influences life and provides people with a sense of identity and purpose. June is Black Music Month and Caribbean American Heritage Month. Visit the website links below to learn more about these celebrations and commemorations in June.
Caribbean American Heritage Month

Life Saving Blood Drives

One pint of blood can save three lives! Every 2 seconds someone in the US needs blood or platelets. Hosting a blood drive is a great summer service project that can be done in a day in coordination with the American Red Cross. The impact of a single drive or a series of drives is immeasurable. American Red Cross

School Supply Drives 

Summer goes by way too fast! School supply drives are simple, fun, and have great impact. As you stock up on back-to-school items like scissors, paper, notebooks, and erasers, remember to include some jars of sunshine with treats for teachers or treasures for children. Include motivational items like pencils with positive messages to brighten their days.

Support for the Homeless

Homelessness is a challenge for our local communities. Organizations like Family Promise, National Coalition for the Homeless, and Habitat for Humanity provide many opportunities to volunteer a few hours to assist families as they work their way toward affordable housing. Help make homelessness temporary!

Environment and Beautification

Clean Beaches week starts July 1st. Enjoy the sunshine and great outdoors while you work on projects to clean up, spruce up, plant colorful flowers or decorate the town for the 4th of July holiday celebration in your community. Decorating the town for seasons and holidays is fun year long! Share the results with GFWC of North Carolina.

Safe and Healthy Kids

Encourage healthy physical and emotional lifestyles for children this summer.  Swimming, biking, boating and sports programs that promote skills as well as safety help improve a child’s self-esteem and protect them from harmful situations. Keeping them healthy in all aspects of life is important for growth. July is National Make a Difference to Children Month.

Unlock the Artist Inside

Studies have shown there is a direct link between arts based learning and academic achievement. Art at a young age encourages expression and improves reasoning. It is linked to resilience in healthy people and helps with anxiety and mental well-being. Sponsor a craft, photography, or art class for any age group!

Little Free Libraries

Take time this summer to transport yourself to a new world. Read a good book and share it! Little free libraries are a great way to give back to the community. They are easily constructed and are a great edition to a yard, town, park, or ball park. Learn more Homepage – Little Free Library. Reading is fun and fundamental!

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Women’s Equality

Celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the woman’s right to vote were limited, but there is no reason not to celebrate women and the 101st anniversary on August 26th! Votes for Women selfie stations at local summer events, campaign yard signs, and voter registration drives are ways to commemorate the occasion.

Food Security for College Students

More than 50% of college students experience food insecurity or concerns over finding healthy choices. Campus food pantries provide nonperishable items. Some offer fruit, vegetables, and frozen food. Support community college and university students with heathy food options: nuts, nut butters, dried fruit, beans, low sodium broth, brown rice, and canned chicken and tuna.

Oh, The Places You Can Go!

August is National Family Month. And, there is no better time for a family vacation or trip with friends.  North Carolina is rich with historical sites, parks, aquariums, and museums. Learn about conservation and history or enjoy a walk or hike on a nature trail. Remember the picnic basket and GFWC-NC President’s Special Project scavenger hunt list!

Elevating Women and Girls 

Every woman, no matter how young, needs access to basic necessities to maintain health and self-esteem. Organizations like Days for Girls and I Support the Girls promote sustainable products to help manage hygiene. Women should not have to sacrifice their dignity, so reach out to elevate the women and girls in your community.  Remember the President’s Special Project Acts of Kindness & Creativity!

Teen Dating Violence Awareness

Teen dating violence affects millions each year. It takes the form of physical and sexual violence, psychological abuse, and stalking.  It’s never too soon to educate teens and adults about healthy teen relationships and recognizing red flag behaviors. Help increase awareness and education.

ESO Summer Events

Host a summer sipper, ice cream social or picnic to promote the ESO book of the month or chose a book by a local author with a theme that is important to your club or community. Invite the author to share their perspectives. Remember to include potential new members so they can learn more about ESO, GFWC-NC and GFWC.

GFWC-NC Summer of Service

No matter your passion, there are so many summer service projects that can make a difference in the lives of the members of your community. Remember to share them with us and through social media. #summerofservice.