GFWC-NC President’s Special Project

Mountains-to-Sea Trail

The Mountains-to-Sea Trail stretches 1175 miles from the Great Smoky Mountains to the Outer Banks, stopping at many of our state’s most beautiful places along the way. There are many ways to Get Involved. Clubs and members are encouraged to donate funds, educate members, learn about the history and culture of the MST and the communities it connects across NC. For more information click on the GFWC-NC President’s Special Project Handout.  Follow the site on social media (@Mountains-to-Sea-Trail on Facebook, @mountainstoseatrail on lnstagram).

The Year of the Trail is 2023! The NC House and Senate passed a bill designating 2023 as “North Carolina Year of the Trail”. Stay tuned to hear the extensive plans to showcase, promote, and celebrate our trails – ALL OF NORTH CAROLINA’S TRAILS!

2022 – 2024 President’s Special Project Chairman: Jennifer Brighton


Looking for Ways to Support the GFWC-NC President’s Special Project?


Make a donation and become a “Donating Hiker”!


  • Day Hiker: $11.75
  • Weekend Backpacker: $117.50
  • Through Hiker: $1, 175.00









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