GFWC-NC Director of Junior Clubs Special Project


Climate – Advocacy – Resiliency – Education – Sustainability

Through this special project, we hope to educate those in North Carolina on how they can, in their individual homes and communities, help lessen the impacts of climate change and advocate for broader changes throughout the state and country. We will be partnering with two organizations:

  • Envision Charlotte – helping Charlotte achieve its goal to become a circular economy through zero waste objectives and reuse of all products.
  • North Carolina Conservation Network – advocating for policies to help combat climate change throughout the state and making positive changes to the environment through their large network of affiliate organizations.

Join us by fostering a safe and bright future in North Carolina by supporting these environmental efforts!

2022-2024 Director of Junior Clubs Special Project Chairman: Mary Frances Gourley


  • Earth Day is April 22nd annually
  • GFWC Advocates for Children’s Week – fourth full week of October each year
  • America Recycles Day is November 15th annually

Project Tools