From the Mountains to the Sea… GFWC of North Carolina is Connecting Members and Communities!

As a member of GFWC, GFWC-NC provides the opportunity and a framework for women across the state to work together through volunteerism to serve their local communities. Fun, fellowship, and lasting friendships are a large part of the experience for GFWC’s 80,000 members worldwide.

While all GFWC and GFWC-NC clubs are unique, best practices include focus on Recruitment, Member Orientation, Mentoring, Focus on Federation, Retention, and Recognition. Membership is our gateway, so it is important to engage members in every way!

GFWC provides resources through the Membership Portal on the GFWC website including Awards, Contests and Grants, Membership Benefits & Discounts, Recruitment Campaigns, Recognition Pins, Logo merchandise, and Mediators Program.

GFWC-NC’s Membership Committee provides important resources and District representation. Tools are available on GFWC-NC’s website under the Membership tab and Forms tab. They include the benefits of belonging, 120 Federation Facts, Retention and Orientation brochures, membership forms, and more!

2022-2024 GFWC-NC Membership Chairman: Karen Throckmorton
2022-2024 GFWC-NC Junior Membership Chairman: Rebecca Duffy







  • Hold at least one club meeting, coffee, or recruitment social where you encourage everyone to invite a friend, neighbor, co-worker or family member. Send an invitation and plan a project so everyone can participate. Sometimes all you have to do is ask!
  • Host a new member orientation or a series of short orientation workshops to educate new members on your club projects, activities, and operations.
  • Set up Big Sis/Little Sis or other mentoring program to pair new members with experienced members. Assess skills, talents, and abilities of new members so that you can engage them in projects and areas that interest them.
  • Use creative activities to engage club or new members. Icebreakers and games like “What’s in Your Bag?” can be a lot of fun and they are not expensive. Members earn points for each item found in their purse and the winner gets bragging rights and a small door prize.
  • Start the new club year by surveying members. Ask the club officers/members to give a list of their “Wells and Betters” to include what was done well over the past year and what they believe the club could do better. Solicit their ideas on new approaches and enjoy a renewed sense of purpose and focus.
  • Conduct a Federation Refresher.” It is essential for instilling a sense of pride and purpose in both new and seasoned members. Educate members about the many programs GFWC has to offer, which are designed for diversity and to keep members informed and connected.
  • Hold a program or session at a monthly club meeting to recognize members for their years of service and accomplishments. Celebrate individual and club milestones.


  • One overall award is given from all club entries.””
  • One club creativity award is given from all club entries.

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