What’s in it for ME? February Membership Article


What’s in it for ME????

          As we celebrate reporting the successes our clubs have had over the past year, we still have the effects of Covid-19 looming over our heads.  The number of those infected seems to increase daily yet we continue to share all the good we are doing as clubwomen, as clubs, as districts in our great state.  Often people ask what is it you do?  Why belong to GFWC-NC?  What benefits do you get???

G – GOODNESS we accomplish when we collaborate on community and state-wide projects

F – FRIENDSHIPS you make within your club and across the state that last a lifetime

W – WEALTH of information you learn as a member of this federation such as leadership skills, self-confidence, communication and public speaking skills

C – we are CHAMPIONS for women and children

N – when you travel across the state you find there is always someone NEARBY if you need anything!

C – COMMITMENT to our communities, to our clubs, and the many projects and programs we support

Have you thought about why you joined GFWC-NC?  Did you have a friend or an acquaintance who invited you?  Were you seeking new friendships or a way to give back to your community?  While the benefits are different for each of us, we can all agree that simply being a clubwoman is the GREATEST benefit of belonging!



Kim Fulcher, GFWC-NC President-elect, [email protected]

Hope Hockaday, GFWC-NC Director-elect of Junior Clubs, [email protected]




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