CSP Reporting & Awards Helpful Hints

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

It is time to record our history and summarize our accomplishments for the year. For both reporting and awards remember to complete the club information using the full, correct name of the club, up-to-date contact information, and indicate whether your club is a General, Junior, or Juniorette club.

Projects should be reported or submitted for award only once in the program or advancement plan area that best fits the project’s intent. The following statistics are needed:

  • Number of Projects:  The number of programs and projects initiated and participated in by the Club. This includes activities held outside a club meeting and at a club meeting, i.e. a speaker at club meeting.
  • Participating Members:  Report the number of members participating in applicable projects.  The number should not exceed the number of dues paying members.
  • Volunteer Hours: Report total time involved by members in projects. This includes the time spent telephoning, running errands, writing letters and reports, etc. Travel time may be included, EXCEPT for travel time to and from regular club meetings. Hours for club projects may be counted as the length of time of the meeting, event, etc. multiplied by the number of members present. Example: 1/2-hour x 24 members present = 12 hours.
  • Dollars Donated:  The monetary amount given for projects. (Cash given or checks written.)
  • Dollars Donated is Dollars Raised for Fundraising Advancement Plan.
  • Dollars Donated is Dollars Spent to achieve Advancement Plan goals for Communications & Public Relations, Leadership, Legislation and Public Policy, and Membership Advancement Plans.
  • In Kind Donations: The monetary values for goods provided to projects. This does not include mileage.

Tab ‘n Type versions of the CP&S reporting form and Award Entry forms, with tips and tools for both, can be found on the GFWC-NC website under the Community Service tab. Sections 7 & 8 of the GFWC-NC Administration Book sent to Club Presidents also contain the forms and information.

Award Entries are due by midnight February 1st; sent or e-mailed to the appropriate General, Junior or Juniorette Chairman indicated at the top of the form. This year we are requesting a single copy of the completed forms and narratives. Narratives for each project should be 300-500 words to incorporate community impact, goals, accomplishments, partnerships, etc. Remember to note your most creative project in each program area.

The CP&S form is due from all Club Presidents by midnight February 1st, (e-mailed or postmarked) to Karen Throckmorton, GFWC-NC 1st VP – [email protected]. There is also a google doc version: GFWC-NC CP&S Form, 2020 – Google Forms.

A reminder for reporting: Please note your stats for projects using Affiliate Organizations and for the President’s Special Projects Impact NC and Sunflowers for Suffrage. We want to capture the information. Please make sure the statistics for them are included in the totals in the program where they were performed (Page 1 of the CP&S form.)

Best wishes for a happy and healthy Holiday. We look forward to seeing you in 2021!

Karen & Pam



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