Legacy of Leadership

As we look toward the future of our Federation, the GFWC-NC Executive Committee and Board of Trustees recognize the importance of supporting GFWC-NC members who wish to continue in leadership roles through GFWC/SER.  In creating a legacy of leadership to GFWC/SER, the GFWC-NC Executive Committee and Board of Trustees has recently established the GFWC/SER Candidacy Fund.  This fund is designed to assist North Carolina candidates, both now and in the future, with some of the expenses of seeking higher office, particularly expenses related to officer installation as President.

Guidelines for this proposed fund were developed through the work of an appointed committee, reviewed by our auditors, and presented to both the Executive Committee and Trustees for consideration.  Following their approval, this fund was officially established, and our potential candidates were provided with this policy.  The guidelines require a budget to be presented for consideration and the approval of all covered expenses prior to payment, with a cap on the amount which may be spent for any candidate.

While any installation activities – or even events where we have the opportunity to meet – seem far away in today’s environment, they will be here sooner than we realize.  With our state currently having two members serving as officers at these higher levels, we need to be looking at our fundraising efforts to be prepared for the future. For SER, Beverly Lassiter is serving as President-elect, with her term of office as President to begin in 2022.  It is expected that Wendy Carriker, GFWC Second Vice President, will be elected to the position of GFWC President to begin in 2026.

For those unfamiliar with the installation festivities at the GFWC level, there are certain expectations for the candidate’s state and/or the candidate.  Imagine giving a reception for 500 or 600 of your closest friends from across the country and wanting it to be a joyous, memorable event – within reason of course!  This is certainly an opportunity for North Carolina to share its Southern hospitality with others from around our Federation.  As the time approaches, there will be lots of preparation for the event.  The goal of this candidacy fund is to begin the process of ensuring that funds are available without causing a burden for either the state or the candidate.

With this year’s Remittance Form, you may have noticed the GFWC/SER Candidacy Fund as a new item in the donation section.  We hope that you, your club, or your district will consider donating to the fund as we go forward. Our fundraising goal is to raise $2,000 each year of this administration. Any amount is greatly appreciated as GFWC-NC continues its Legacy of Leadership.


Submitted by:

Gay Warren, GFWC-NC Candidacy Fund Committee  & Cindy Hewett, GFWC-NC Treasurer



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