She Elevates the World – June 2020

Who is she?  She’s YOU!

The volunteers of GFWC of North Carolina are constantly elevating their communities and are the inspiration for this administration’s theme.  YOU provide constant motivation for me and for other volunteers looking to create community impact.

In 2002 at GFWC of North Carolina’s centennial celebration, our very own Juanita Bryant said it much better than I ever could.  [A Century to Celebrate, 1902-2002, Volume V, page 184]

“It is not possible to enumerate or to evaluate the achievements of the federated clubs in the various communities of the state during the past 100 years.  No doubt the most important contribution has been in rousing the public to its urgent needs as our strength is at the grass roots level.  The vision of our early clubwomen, their courage and their perseverance seemed endless.”

Indeed, the courage and perseverance of our members are endless.  You are powering through a tough time in our world.  Enjoy a short summer break and make plans to attend our GFWC-NC Summer Meeting in Sedalia, NC on Saturday, August 1, 2020.  We are constantly monitoring the updates on the state and local guidelines for gatherings and social distancing, and we can assure you that we will do our best to make sure that this meeting is lawful and safe.  Knowing that many people may not be able to attend in person, we will expand our use of technology to keep you informed.  We promise to get you the important information you need to kick off the 2020-2022 administration.

Remember, your Executive Committee, Junior Officers, and other leaders are here for YOU.  Please reach out whenever you need assistance.

Crystal O’Neal

GFWC-NC President