Districts Through the Decades – June 2020

As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment of the right for women to vote, the districts will be celebrating the fashion women wore and the accomplishments they made! At District and State meetings, have fun wearing your Fashion and celebrating the accomplishments of the women of your time period! There is so much that women have contributed to over the last 100 years and we look forward to learning about your piece of time in history!

Welcome to the Runway District Leaders!!

District 1 – 1940’s

President- Sherry McCollum

District 2- 1960’s

President- Denise Icenhour

Director of Juniors- Courtney Pruitt

District 3- 1950’s

President- Helen Richie

Director of Juniors- Jennifer Nelson

District 4- 1920’s

President- Fran Pollock

Director of Juniors- Sherea Burnett

District 5- 1970’s

President- Christie Canter

Director of Juniors- Nicole Fleming

District 6- 1980’s

President- Misty Deyo

Director of Juniors- Christy Frisbee

District 7- 1910’s

President- Sandy Cyphers

District 8 – 1990’s

President- Rachel Masimore

District 9 – 1930’s

President – Donna Harrell

Director of Juniors- Kelsey Gray