COVID-19 GFWC-NC Club Activities/World Immunization Week

Federation Friday: Volume 2, Issue 43 - April 24, 2020

GFWC-NC Club Activities during COVID-19 

Thanks for sharing your great work with us. Keep us informed and stay tuned for more updates in next week’s edition. 

GFWC- SBI has several clubwomen making and distributing masks. To date 114 masks have been delivered to Hospice, Universal Healthcare and to high-risk individuals in the community. They are supporting the Wings Ministries’ Backpacks financially and with delivery support, ensuring that local children are being fed. Members are donating blood and/or platelets to the American Red Cross and food and supplies to the Brunswick Senior Resources Center. They are providing much needed financial support to several organizations throughout the county. 

The Woman’s Club of Raleigh is coordinating assistance with groceries and medication for members. They have a Clubwoman contact ready to help put those who need help get in touch with those who can help. They have given Easter baskets to Triangle Family Services. Members contributed most of the items before COVID-19, so one member coordinated the 86 baskets at her home (using social distancing) and transported them to the organization in time for Easter. Also, to keep each other’s spirits up, they are checking on each other, and sending out inspirational messages and poems via e-mail to members. They are making masks for people in high risk areas: pregnant women, the elderly, and public workers. Businesses have spread the word, so they get calls daily from people who need masks. 

Greensboro Woman’s Club has donated funds to local food banks/distribution organizations. Through the Arts CSP, the club also donated to the Greensboro Artist Emergency Relief Fund to support creative individuals who have been financially impacted by event and performance cancellations. 100% of the gifted funds directly benefit artists in Greensboro. Finally, the Public Issues CSP is following through on a project planned early in the year of providing “Grab and Go” packaged treats to EMS and 911 Operators.

World Immunization Week 

World Immunization Week will be observed April 24-30, 2020. There is no doubt that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has upended life around the world. If we did not appreciate the critical role that vaccinations have had in protecting lives before this life-threatening pandemic, most of us now understand the importance of immunizations while we wait for a COVID-19 vaccine. 

Strong health systems remain critical to global preparedness for disease outbreaks. Investing in routine immunization, primary health care, and community health workers bolsters a nation’s ability to handle both common illnesses and unanticipated health concerns like the emergence of novel pathogens. The stress many feel amid this outbreak is not so different from the day-to-day stress medically vulnerable people experience. We cannot take this for granted in the United States. 

While a coronavirus vaccine will provide the best line of defense against the disease, it is likely that it will take a year because it takes time to develop a vaccine that is safe and effective. You can help by supporting vaccine research and procurement, through organizations like CDC and USAID [email protected]. Please contact the offices of your local congressman and Senators Burr and Tillis and ask them to prioritize funding for global vaccine programs through partners such as the United Nations, Gavi (the Vaccine Alliance), CDC, and USAID. 

Today’s COVID-19 pandemic underscores that an outbreak anywhere is a threat everywhere. 



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