International Outreach

The GFWC International Outreach Community Service Program is designed to enable members to become better world citizens through advocacy, education, and action, which will, in turn, affect change in and for our global friends and their communities. GFWC encourages clubs to reach beyond their own communities and consider how they can make a global impact.

In most cases, GFWC members cannot physically be present to assist and make changes in countries around the world; however, members can be assured that the donations made through our partnership agencies are reaching those in greatest need.


  • Select books from a recommended reading list on countries and people from around the world, and organize a book discussion about selected books.
  • Research information about a particular country and share information with members and in club newsletters.
  • World Food Day is a worldwide effort to increase awareness and understanding, and encourage year-round action to alleviate hunger. Research issues pertaining to world hunger, including internal politics, agricultural issues, and education.
  • Investigate whether your community has a sister city in another country with which you could communicate.
  • Sponsor a series of programs for youth or school groups on various cultures around the world with speakers, exhibits, and interactive projects for the attendees.
  • Consider hosting a GFWC member from an international affiliate for a visit before or after a GFWC Annual International Convention.


1951 – Books for Peace initiated-a project wherein children’s books about democracy were purchased and distributed overseas.
1960 – Over $55,000 contributed to Crusade for Children-the largest sum raised in any state.
1967 – School in Bolivia built and named in honor of Past State President Marjorie Yates Yokley.
1999 – Supported Special Olympics World Games held in Raleigh.
2001 – Began work with Heifer International to provide animals to enable hungry persons to feed themselves and care for the earth.