Our natural resources are among our most precious treasures. The GFWC Environment Community Service Program encourages us to be stewards of our environment. Through preservation and restoration of natural resources, it strives to educate members about the importance of beautifying our communities, maintaining and restoring natural resources, and stimulating citizen action to address these concerns. Our most precious resources include water, trees, plants, air, land, and wildlife.

Incorporate any and all of these topics into your plans. The project ideas are endless.

  • Reduce plastics use, refuse, reuse, repurpose and recycle.
  • Promote soil, air, and water conservation in the local community.
  • Support wildlife protection and proper care of domestic animals.
  • Donate shoes to Nike’s “Reuse-A-Shoe” or the Souls for Souls program
  • Join the Arbor Day Foundation and receive ten free trees to plant or donated to plant in the plant in the threatened rain forest.
  • Learn about ocean wildlife in peril, such as sea turtles and manatees, and organize volunteer or fundraising opportunities to
    help protect these species.
  • Commemorate America Recycles Day on November 15th, a program by Keep America Beautiful.
  • Endorse the beautification of roadways, waterways, trails and historic sites.
  • Donate funds for reforestation and get involved in ‘go paperless’ programs to save trees.
  • Hold a community workshop on sustainable community gardens to promote self-sufficiency.


1958 – Endorsed Keep America Beautiful program and emphasized need for information centers on principal highways.
1976 – Coordinated statewide telethon that raised over $350,000 to benefit the North Carolina Zoo.
1980 – Held first energy Conservation Seminar at Shearon Harris Nuclear Power Plant.
1998 – Contributed over $50,000 to the NC State Museum of Natural Sciences for the construction of the Nocturnal Life Station.
2002 – Contributed approximately $100,000 for renovation and expansion of the North Carolina State Aquariums.