Community Service

GFWC – NC club women are true volunteers in action who work in their own communities to support the arts, preserve natural resources, advance education, promote healthy lifestyles, encourage civic involvement, and work toward world peace and understanding. The GFWC – NC clubs work in six main Community Service Program such as Arts, Conservation, Education, Home Life, Public Issues, International Outreach. Each of the Community Service Programs will promote work under Collaboration and Partnership principles

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As community service volunteer organizations, GFWC clubs are encouraged to work within those programs that will help meet a need within their own community and/or where there is interest among the members. Many of the organizations GFWC-NC has worked with over the past years on the state and local level will be included within the Collaboration projects. GFWC clubs work with and provide support to the programs of national partners or national partner’s local affiliates. The partners will be designated by GFWC, and are organizations that have committed to a formal relationship with GFWC.

In addition to these core areas, GFWC- NC also fosters special projects and programs on a variety of issues.