2020 GFWC-NC Arts Festival Cancellation

We are following guidelines from the local government and the CDC for large events. The health and safety of all our clubwomen, their families and our communities is our first priority.

The Arts Festival cancellation came as our meals were under way. The good news is that the money we paid for meals will not go to waste. The 135 meals planned have been donated to the Allied Churches of Alamance County ($1,952 total donation).

If you registered for the Arts Festival, please look for an e-mail from [email protected] for instructions regarding reimbursement of registration and coffee & design fees.

We are so disappointed that we will not be able to judge and award winners for the Clubwoman and Student Visual Arts and Crafts, or Student Photography contests.  We will be able to participate in the two contests that go on to GFWC; Literature and Clubwoman Photography.

The Clubwoman and Student Literature award entries have been judged and checks will be mailed to the sponsoring clubs of the winners. The State winners will be sent to GFWC as planned.

We are setting a deadline of April 1st to submit the District Clubwoman Photography winners in The World in Pictures categories; Living Things, Scenes, and Still Life, and GFWC Volunteers in Action. If your club was planning to deliver the winning entries from the District contests in these categories to the Mebane Arts Center this past weekend, please mail it instead; GFWC-NC headquarters; 7474 Creedmoor Road #310 Raleigh, NC  27613. It must be postmarked by April 1, 2020.

Headquarters will arrange judging and mailing the winning entries to GFWC by May 15th. In order to streamline the process we are requesting that if you would like for your photography entry to be sent to GFWC for judging (The 1st place GFWC-NC winner in each contest is eligible for submission), that you complete the Creative Arts Waiver form attached and send it with your entry. (Please note: A Year in Pictures entries should be submitted separately to GFWC by individual clubs.) If you have any questions regarding photography guidelines, please contact Amanda Core Jackson; [email protected].

Due to uncertainty and logistics, we are unable to reschedule the Arts Festival this year. We appreciate your interest in this event. It is always a fun and rewarding day, and fortunately, the Mebane Arts Center will move our deposit for this year’s event forward to the 2021 Arts Festival & Spring Meeting.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. As always, please share with fellow Clubwomen and thank you for all you do.

The GFWC-NC Executive Committee



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